Digitalizing Your Retail Processes

We provide you a digital retail communication platform that manages data and information exchange between head office and its retail stores.


Our platform focuses on reducing complicated and time consuming actions within the retail industry. By targeting the ineffeciences of today’s retail processes, our service provides you an easy-to-use platform, where critical operations such as assortment management and layout planning can be designed, managed, communicated, as well as confirmed on the same platform with ease.


Faster decision making

We provide refined retail processes as well as data storage to manage assortment changes quickly and with ease. Assortment suggestions based on predictive analytics grant you the possibility to make quicker decisions grounded in data.

Increased Sales

By providing tools for optimizing space usage and carrying out efficient assortment-change management, our platform cuts your costs, helps to optimize the space usage in your stores, and increase your sales.

Real Time Communication

Our solution offers direct feedback loops and an instant messaging application for faster communication between staff members. We also offer a task management tool for improved and synchronous workflows – connecting your head office with your retail stores.


Category Managers

  • Substitute working with endless spreadsheets with our centralized platform.
  • Decide on assortment changes based on real data using financial KPI’s, such as stock sales, profit per module and MAT.
  • Create, modify, plan and share assortment changes with minimal effort.

Store Managers

  • Know what, when and where to place arriving products through our platform - optimized for both desktop and mobile use.
  • Receive, execute and confirm tasks back to head office in one location with a task management tool.
  • Easily communicate and give real time feedback to the head office with a centralized chat.

What is Starling

Starling was founded in October 2017, by a flock of Digital Business master students from Jönköping University, Sweden. Anxious to solve a specific problem within the retail industry, the startup took off. Currently the team consists of seven talented individuals, and we are continuously seeking new talent to join our flock.

The Team

Preedik Poopuu

Co-Founder & CEO

Born in Tartu, Estonia, our CEO has an everlasting interest to solve problems with digital concepts. Outside of leading Starling, Preedik also enjoys bringing ideas to life in different formats such as composing oil paintings. To balance his digital mind, he likes being amongst nature where he loves to spend time camping as well as fishing.

Philipp Rödig

Co-Founder & COO

Born and raised in Munich, Germany, Philipp is a sports-lover and a dedicated world traveler. He has experience working with diverse cultures and an administrative background from working as head of administration within the healthcare sector. As COO he thrives to define, set and accomplish tasks to push forward the development of Starling.

Jacob Torehov

Co-Founder & Sales Director

With many years in the B2B sales field and roots from the farming village Skara, Sweden, Jacob has grown up to become a service minded and genuine character. He has a passion for music and sporting. At Starling, Jacob is managing and optimizing sales strategies.

Jonas Fellenstein

Co-Founder & Business Analyst

While growing up in a small town in Germany, Jonas has lived in various places around the world, striving for an independent lifestyle. His professional background is in international business and aviation with a focus on digitization. At Starling he is building the bridge between the business problems and the technical development of our product.

Akilvenithan Umaganthan

Co-Founder & Marketing Manager

Born in Sweden, with roots from Sri Lanka, Akilvenithan enjoys to follow football, advancements in the tech-industry, working out, as well as gaming. Currently, this creative 24 year old is helping to lead the company’s efforts in product design, as well as overseeing its marketing efforts.

Edvin Holm

Lead Software Engineer

Currently studying in Jönköping, Sweden, this ambitious 21 year old grew up around computers and regards Elon Musk as an influential person in his life. When he’s not leading the programming efforts at Starling, Edvin likes to play video games, listen to 70’s music, tweet about bad software, and enjoy going on Swedish “fika’s”.

Thomas Holmegaard

AI Research Intern

As the latest member of our team, this eager Computer Science student from Copenhagen, Denmark will be researching machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions, specific within the retail industry. On his free time, Thomas enjoys hanging out with his two dogs as well as being outdoors, playing video games or pursuing his passion for photography and traveling.

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